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Personal Information
Name: Zafar Saied Saify
Discipline: Pharmaceutical & BioMedical Sciences Institution: University of Karachi
Gender: Male Department: Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab. of HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry
Specialization: Drug Design Present Position: Former Vice-Chancellor And HEC Eminent scholar and Educationist and Visiting Faculty Professor in HEJ
Address: HEJ RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF Chemistry, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences City: Karachi
Email: Phone: 111222292-ext.213, 03332333291
Fax: ( 92-21) 4819018-9 CNIC:

Education History
Field of Study
BSc/ Chemistry Microbiology D.J College University of Kara
MSc/ Organic Chemistry h Dept of Chemistry University o
Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry Kings College London Universit

 Professional Experience
Institution/ Organization
Position / Job Title
HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences Visisiting Faculty Professor
On going
HEC HEC Eminent Scientist and Educationist
october 2006
october 2009
Karachi University, Dept of Ph Dean (First Term)
Karachi University Professor
Karachi University Associate Professor
Karachi University Assistant Professor
Karachi University Lecturer
Karachi University Assistant Lecturer
Karachi University Vice Chancellor
Karachi University, Dept of Ph Dean (Second Term)

Research Interests

 Publications in Journals
1. Zafar Saied Saifya*, Mehrun Nisaa, Kaniz Fizza Azharb, M. Kamran Azima, "Characterisation of Plasmodium falciparum aspartic protease" (2011) Natural Product Research Vol:25(20) pp:1965-1968 (Journal)
2. Farhat Batool, Asad Hussain Shah, Syed Dilnawaz Ahmed, Zafar Saeid Saify andDarakhshan Jabeen Haleem "Protective effects of aqueous fruit extract from Sea bukcthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L. spp. Turkestanica) on haloperidol induced orofacial dyskinesia and neuronal alterations in the striatum" (2010) Med Sci Monit Vol:Vol 16(8): pp:BR 285-292 (Journal)
3. Farhat Batool, Syed Mubashir Sabir, J.B.T. Rocha, Asad Hussain Shah, Zafar Saied Saify AND Syed Dilnawaz Ahmed, "Evolution of Antioxidant and free Radical scavenging activities of fruit extract from Zanthoxylum Alatum: A cmommonly used spice from Pakistan. ." (2010) Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol:41(6): pp:2791-2800 (Journal)
4. K.M.Khan, Zafar S.Saify, M.A. Lodhi, N. Butt, S. Perveen, G.M. Maharvi, M.I. Choudahry and Attur-Rahman "Piperidine: A new class of Urease inhibitors; " (2006) Natural Product Research Vol:20 pp:523-530 (Journal)
5. Sayed Intasar Hussain Taqvi,Muhammad nabeel ghayur, Anwar-ul-Hassan Gilani,Zafar Saied Saify and Mohammad Tariq Aftab "Synthesis and smooth muscle selective relaxant activity of a piperidine analogue; 1-(4- Fluorophenacyl)-4-Hydroxy-4-Phenyl-piperidinium Chloride, " (2006) Archives of Pharmacal Research Vol:29(1) pp:34-39 (Journal)
6. Zafar Saied Saify, Nousheen Mushtaq, Khalid Muhammad khan, Shahnaz Perveen, Syed Tasadaque Ali Shah, Raid Jamil Abdel-Jalil, Miriam Fecker, and Wolfgang Voelter "Pharmacolgical Activity of 4-(4’-(Chlorophenyl)-4-(hydroxypiperidine) syenthesis and Derivatives" (2005) Chem. Pharm. Bull Vol:53(1) pp:64-66 (Journal)
7. Saify Z S, Shamim Akhtar, Muhammad Arif, Nousheen Mushtaq, Darakhshan J. Haleem "Neurochemical estimations of some new quaternary Phenacyl-Bromopiperidinium compounds" (2005) Pak. J .Pharm. Sci Vol:18 (2) pp:52-54 (Journal)
8. Saify Z S, Jawaid Farhad, Nousheen Mushtaq, Fozia Noor, Shamim Akhtar, Arif M, Baqir Shyum Naqvi, Muhammad Harris Shoaib "Antibacterial activity of 1-methyl-7-methoxy-B-carboline and its phenacyl and coumarine analogues" (2005) Pak. J .Pharm. Sci Vol:18(3) pp:39-41 (Journal)
9. Khalid MK, Saify Z S, Zarar MK, Hayat S, Saeedan begum, Noor F, Choudhary MI, Parveen S, and Atta-ur-rahman "Synthesis ,antifungal and phytotoxic effects of some benzopyrone derivatives" (2004) Natural Product Research Vol:18(1) pp:21-27 (Journal)
10. Saify Z S, Saboury.A A. Khan M.T. Choudhary MI. "Mushroom tyrosinase inhibition by two potent uncompetitive inhibitor" (2004 ) J. Enzyme Inhib Med Chem Vol:19[4] pp:349-353 (Journal)
11. Saify Z.S, Farhad Jawaid; Mushtaq Nousheen; Noor fouzia, Taqweem Shamoona, Akhtar Shamim "Effects of diazepam on the CNS excitation and behavioral changes induced by harmaline and its newly synthesized analogues" (2004) Pakistan journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol:17(1) pp:31-36 (Journal)
12. Zafar Saeed Saify Obaid Ali, Roohi Obaid, , Syed Waseemuddin Ahmed, Noor Kamil, Masood Hameed Khan, Ahmed T "Pharmacokinetic differences of some generic tablet Gliclazide 80mg on Pakistani population" (2004) Pak. J. Pharmaceutical Sci. Vol:17(1) pp:55-64 (Journal)
13. Khalid MK, Saify Z S, Zarar MK, Zia-ullah, Chohan Z.H., Supuran CT "Synthesis of Coumarin derivatives with cytotoxic, antibacterial and antifungal activity" (2004) Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry Vol:19(4) pp:373-379 (Journal)
14. Gilani AH, Ghayur MN, Saify ZS, Ahmed SP, MI Choudhary, Khalid A. "Presence of cholinomimetic and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory constituents in betal nut" (2004) Life Sciences Vol:75 pp:2377-2389 (Journal)
15. Saify Z S, Fahim Ahmed, Shamim Akhtar, Sonia Siddiqui, Arif M, Shaheen A Hussain, Nousheen Mushtaq "56. Biochemical studies on Marine Fish Oil Part-I: effects of fish oil and lipid lowering drugs on HDL/LDL Cholesterol levels" (2003) Pak J Pharm Sci Vol:16(2) pp:1-8 (Journal)
16. Fahim Ahmed, Shamim Akhtar, Sonia Siddiqui, Arif M, Shaheen A Hussain, Nousheen Mushtaq "Biochemical studies on Marine Fish Oil Part-I: effects of fish oil and lipid lowering drugs on HDL/LDL Cholesterol levels; Saify Z S" (2003) Pak J. Pharm. Sci. Vol:16(2) pp:1-8 (Journal)
17. Saify Z S Erum Shireen, Qurat ul Ain, Farhat Batool, , Darakhshan J Haleem, Qurrat ul Ain "60. Neurochemical Effects of 8-Hydroxy-2-DI-N-Propylamino Tetralin in Rats treated with Haloperidol" (2002) Pak J Pharm Sci Vol:15(1) pp:71-82 (Journal)

1. Z.SSaify. Arshad Aryne "4 Fundamentals of physical chemistry published by Federal Urdu University of Science and Technology " (2008) Vol: pp:- (Book)

 Other Publications
1. . Nousheen Mushtaq, Saify.Z.S. , Shamim Akhtar, Muhammad Arif, Saida Haider, Nazish Saba "Synthesis of some novel analogues of 4-(1-pyrrolidinyl) piperidine and their effect on plasma glucose level. ." (2010,) Pak J. Pharm. Sci. Vol:23(2) pp:220-223 (Journal)
2. Farhat Batool, Asad Hussain Shah, Syed Dilnawaz Ahmed, Zafar Saied Saify and Darakhshan Jabeen Haleem "Possible anxiolytic profile of aqueous fruit extracts of a medicinal plant Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L. spp. Turkestanica) in experimental models" (2009) Pak J Bot. . Vol:41(6): pp:2791-2800 (Journal)
3. Zafar S. Saify, S.M. Moazzam, Mehrun Nisa, Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Aqeel Ahmed, Shazia Haider, Arshad Aryne, Munawer Khanum, Nudrat Arshad and Marium Ghani "7-Azaindol derivatives as potential antibacterial agents" (2009) Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research Vol:52(1) pp:1-7 (Journal)
4. K. M. Khan, M. Z. Khan, M. Taha, G. M. Maharvi Z. S. Saify, S. Parveen, M. I. Choudhary "Leishmanicidal Potential of N-Substituted Porpholine derivatives: Synthesis and structureactivity relationships, , " (2009) Natural Product Research Vol:23 pp:479-484 (Journal)
5. Nousheen "Synthesis and pharmacological activities of 7-Azaindol derivatives" (2008) Pak. J. Pharm. Sci. Vol:21(1) pp:36-39 (Journal)
6. Saify Z.S, Taqvi SIH, Ghayur M.N, Gilani AH, Aftab MT "Synthesis and pharmacological screening of 1-(2’, 4’-dimethoxy phenacyl)-4- hydroxy- 4- phenyl piperidinium bromide" (2006) International Journal of Pharmacology Vol:2 pp:146-151 (Journal)
7. K.M. Khan Zafar S. Saify, M.Z. Khan, S. Perveen and M.I. Choudhary "Synthesis and antimicrobial studies on various morpholine Derivatives" (2006) Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan Vol:28 pp:161-164 (Journal)
8. ; Saify Z.S., Taqvi SIH, Ghayur MN, Gilani AH, Aftab MT "Synthesis spasmolytic, cardio-suppressant, vasodilator and Ca++ antagonist activities of 1-[4’-methyl phenacyl]-4-phenyl piperidinum bromide" (2006) Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences Vol:9 pp:60-66 (Journal)
9. Saify ZS, Taqvi SIH, Ghayur MN, Gilani AH, Aftab MT "Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1-(2’, 4’-dimethoxy phenacyl)-4- acetyl-4-phenyl piperidinium bromide in intestinal and cardiovascular tissue" (2006) Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology Vol:1 pp:126-133 (Journal)
10. Zafar Saied Saify, Obaid Ali, Darakshan J HAleem Noor Kamil, Roohi Obaid, Syed Waseemuddin Ahmed "Effect of Tryptophan and valine administration on behavioral pharmacology of Haloperidol" (2005) Pakistan J Pharmaceut. Sci. Vol:18(2) pp:23-28 (Journal)
11. Zafar S. Saify, Fouzia Noor, Nousheen Mushtaq, M. Arif, Shamoona Taqween and Shahida Ahmed "Effect of Lachnanthes tinchloria on certain behavioural; Zafar S. Saify" (2004) Parameters. Herb Medicines and Therapeutics Vol: pp:211-222 (Journal)
12. Zafar Saied Saify, Syed Waseemuddin Ahmed, Obaid Ali, Roohi Obaid and Noor Kamil "Pharmacokinetics differences of tab. Mefenamic acid (Ma) 500 mg (one pill) and 250 (two pill) with and without food" (2004) Int. Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Medical Journal Vol:1(1) pp:63-68 (Journal)
13. Zafar S. Saify, Fouzia Noor, Nousheen Mushtaq, M. Arif, Ahsana Dar "Biological Studies of Herbal Medicine-Passifloraincarnate Herb Medicine" (2004) Therapeutics Vol: pp:232-231 (Journal)
14. Saify. Z. S, etal "59. A study of the Fatty Acid Composition of Fish Liver Oil from Two Marine Fish, Eusphyra blochii and Carcharhinus bleekeri" (2003) Turk. J. Chem Vol:27 pp:251-258 (Journal)
15. Saify Z S, Jawaid Farhad, Nousheen Mushtaq, Fozia Noor, Shamoona Takween, Shamim Akhtar, Waqar Hussain, Shaheen A Hussain, Khalid M Khan "Synthesis of some Phenacyl derivatives of 1-Methyl-7-Methoxy-beta-Carboline and their behavioural study" (2003) Pak J Pharm Sci Vol:16(1) pp:73-86 (Journal)
16. K. M. Khan, Z.S. Saify "58. Synthesis and Biological Screening Of 7- Hydroxy – 4- Methyl –H-Chromen-2 one, 7-Hydroxy-4, 5-Dimethyl-2H-Chromen-2-one And Their Some Derivatives" (2003) Natural Product Research Vol:17(2) pp:115-125 (Journal)
17. Haleem DJ,SaifyZS,SiddiquiS,B "Pre- and postsynaptic response" (2002 Jan) Progneuropsycopharmacol Biol P Vol:g/x.j pp:- (Journal)
18. Khan K M, Saify Z. S, Khan Z A "Synthesis and cytotoxic ,antim" (2000 ) Arzne forschhttp:/ Vol:10 pp:915-924 (Journal)
19. Saied M, Saify al "95. Studies on the effect piperidine derivative s on smooth muscle contraction andblood pressure" (1998 ) Arch Pharm Research Vol:21[4] pp:370-383 (Journal)

Post-Graduate Supervision
Type Role  No. of Students Supervised & Awarded Degrees  No. of Students In Progress
HEC Funded Non-HEC Funded
MS/Mphil Supervisor 22
PhD Supervisor 14
MS/MPhil Supervisor 5

Students Supervised
Name of student
Year of graduation
Fayaz Hassan Vaid M.Pharm Synthesis of some pyridine derivatives having analgesic activity.
Amber Rahman M.Pharm Structure Activity relationship of new phenethylamine derivatives.
Syed Abbas Hussain M.Pharm Study of some neuromuscular blocking agents
Qaiser Jahan Hasan M.Pharm Synthesis of Novel Compounds as Antibacterial agents
Shaista Magrey M.Pharm Structure activity relationship of benzimidazole derivatives
Nilofer Paul M.Pharm Study of NBA on Central Nervous System.
M. Arshad Arayne M.Phil Synthesis and biological properties of 7-azaindole derivatives
Manzar Ali Khan Baqai M.Pharm Synthesis of some Phenacylamine derivatives of potential biological interest.
Yasmine Kazmi M.Pharm Synthesis of some Phenacylazaindole derivatives of potential biological interest.
Syed Asif Ali M.Pharm Effects of Aspirin and Nicotinic acid derivative on serum lipo-protein.
Syed Abdul Aleem M.Pharm 7-azaindoleizinium Nicotinate as antilipidemic agent
M. Zafar Khan M.Pharm Comparative studies of Clofibrate and nicotinic acid
Shahnaz Naim M.Phil Synthesis of some 1, 4 oxazine derivatives of potential biological interest.
Muhammad Arif Ph.D Synthesis of some phenethylamine derivatives with potential anti-cholesterolemic activity
Shujat Mohsin M.Pharm Pyrrolopyridines having potential biological activity
Shehnaz Bano M.Pharm Synthesis of some N-methyl 4-OH Piperidine having potential analgesic activity.
Baqar Hadi Naqvi M.Pharm Synthesis of some phenacyl Piperidine derivatives having potential therapeutic activity
S. Moazzam Haider Ph.D Synthesis of 7-azaindole and Nicotinamide derivatives having potential therapeutic activity
M. Saeed Ph.D Synthesis of Piperidine derivatives having potential therapeutic properties.
Abdullah Khan Ph.D Synthesis and biological studies on some nitrogenous heterocycles
Sohail Hassan M.Phil Isolation, characterization of fish oil and study of their hypolipidemic effects in comparison with fivric acid derivatives
Qaiser Jamal Hasan M.Phil Studies on the fatty acid and other lipids constituents from fresh water fish/effect of fish oil with nicotinic acid on lipid parameters
Faheem Ahmed Ph.D Studies on the fatty acid and other lipid constituents of fish origin
Nousheen Mushtaq M.Phil Synthesis of some 7-Azaindole and piperidine derivatives having potential biological activity and the biological studies of some herbal extract
Hanifa Shahnaz Siddiqui Ph.D Chemical investigation of Bryonia Dioca and synthesis of some piperidine derivatives of potential biological interest
Fozia Noor M.Phil Synthesis of some piperidine derivatives having potential biological activity and the biological studies of some herbal extracts.
Farooq Sami M.Phil Preferred three dimensional conformation bupivacaine and ropivacaine on the basis of potential energy calculation
Kamran A. Chishti Ph.D Synthesis of some nicotinic acid derivates having potential therapeutic activity.
Sohail Hassan Ph.D Isolation, characterization of fatty acids in marine fishes and study of their hypolipidemic effect in comparison with gem fibrozil and related compounds
Naeem Butt Ph.D Synthesis of some biologically active piperidine based compounds.
Nousheen Mushtaq Ph.D Synthesis of some phenacyl derivatives of Pyrrolidine and Piperidine having potential biological activities
Farzana Hassan Ali Ph.D Synthesis of some piperidine derivatives having potential biological activities.
Zarrar Khan Ph.D Synthesis of morpholine derivatives of potential biological interest
Obaid Ali Ph.D Biopharmaceutical evaluation and comparison of generic drugs.
Tabinda Zareen M.Phil synthesis and biological studies of some benzimidazolinyl piperidine and 1,2,3,4 tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives having potential therapeutic activity
in progress
Shazia Haider Ph.D Fluorinated heterocyclic derivatives as potential therapeutic agents
in progress
Kiran Rafiq Ph.D synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of 4-hydroxy,4-phenyl piperidine derivatives
in progress
Mr. Muhammad Arshad Ph.D Synthesis of some n-methyl-4-piperidone derivatives having potential biological activity
in progress

 Research Grants/Projects
1. "Tasman oil sprit disaster"  (2 millions)  By: HEC  (2 - 01-2004-1-07-2010)  Dr. Z.S. Saify  Dr. Iqbal Choudhary, Dr. Shakeel, Dr. Saifullah, Dr. Athar, Dr. Mehrun Nisa 
2. "Synthesis of Antinarcotic Drugs"  (2 millions)  By: HEC  (july 2004-july 2010)  Dr. Z.S. Saify  Dr. Mehrun Nisa 
3. "Synthsis of novel piperidine like compounds for anticancer activity"  (Rs.1590000)  By: PSF(Pakistan Scinece Foundation)  (01/06/ 2011-30/12/2012)  Dr. Z.S.Saify  Dr. Huma Rasheed 

1. Seminar on "2 Selected to attend Executive Programme “Leader in Development”"  Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (6/12/2006-6/23/2006)  [Foreign] 
2. Seminar on "1 International Seminar on Science, Technology and Innovation"  Harvard University. (-)  [Foreign] 
3. Conference on "35th All Pakistan Science Conference"   (1/1/2008-)  [Local] 
4. Conference on "11th International Symposium on Natural Product Chemistry"  HEJ research institute of chemistry and biological sciences, Karachi (10/29/2008-11/1/2008)  [Foreign] 
5. Seminar on "International Chemistry Conference “Recent Advances in Chemistry”-2007"  Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. (1/1/2007-)  [Local] 
6. Workshop on "National workshop on University-industry interaction. Chemical and Pharmaceuticals for National Developments. Organized by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad & H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry"  HEJ, University of Karachi (1/1/2006-)  [Local] 
7. Conference on "3rd International and 13th National Chemistry Conference"  HEJ research institute of chemistry and biological sciences, Karachi (1/1/2002-)  [Local] 
8. Conference on "1st International conference on Pharmaceutical sciences,"  Pharmacy, University of Karachi (1/1/1992-)  [Local] 
9. Conference on "2nd International conference on drug discovery and therapy"  Dubai (1/2/2010-4/2/2010)  [Foreign] 
10. Seminar on "42nd IUPAC congress: Chemistry solution SECC, Glasgow, united kingdom"  United kingdom (2/8/2009-7/8/2009)  [Foreign] 
11. Conference on "International Conference on Alzheimer Disease"  Chicago, U.S.A. (1/1/2008-1/1/2008)  [Foreign] 
12. Conference on "second International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences"  Pharmacy, University of Karachi (1/1/1997-)  [Local] 
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