Resume Details

Personal Information
Name: Shazia Tabassum Hakim
Discipline: Biological Sciences Institution: Jinnah University for Women
Gender: Female Department: Molecular Sciences, Microbiology Program
Specialization: Microbiology/ Virology and Tissue culture Present Position: Ex Dean Faculty of Science and Research, Ex- Chairperson Molecular Sciences, Professor
Address: Virology and Tissue culture Laboratory, Microbiology Program, Department of Molecular Sciences,Jinnah University for Women, 5-C, Nazimabad, 74600, Karachi, Pakistan City: Karachi
Email: Phone: 92-213-6620857/9 Ext: 205/213, 92-300-2187714
Fax: 92-21-6620614 CNIC:

Education History
Field of Study
B.Sc. Microbiology/ Chemistry/ Zooology University of Karachi
M.Sc. Microbiology University of Karachi
Ph.D. Microbiology University of Karachi
Post Doctoral Training Virology Claflin University, SC, USA
PostDoc Biosafety & Biosecurity Bradfordshire University, London, UK
PhD Equivalance recieved as "Earned PhD" with 3.59 GPA and 120 Credit hours WES (World Education Services), Toronto, Canada

 Professional Experience
Institution/ Organization
Position / Job Title
Jinnah University for Women Chairperson
to date
Jinnah University for Women Dean Research
to date
Jinnah University for Women Chairperson, Ethical Review Board
to date
Jinnah University for Women Professor
to date
Jinnah University for Women Dean Faculty of Science
to date
Jinnah University for women Lecturer
Dr. Essa's Laboratory & Diagnostic Center Microbiologist/ Serologist
December 1990
December 1991
Jinnah University for women Assistant Professor
Dr. Essas Lab.& Diagnostic center Microbiologist/ Serologist
Jinnah University for Women Associate Professor
August 17, 2011
Jinnah University for women Chairperson
Anklesaria Hospital, Karachi Consultant Microbiologist
Burgor Anklesaria Pathological Laboratory Consultant Microbiologist
December 2002
April 2009
Dr. Essa's Laboratory & Diagnostic Center Microbiologist/ Serologist
March 1994
April 2003

Research Interests
   Microbiologist/Bacteriologist: expertise in Public health services/Research/Academics/ Diagnostics/ Molecular biology & Cell culture techniques. 19+ years of bench experience at numerous Clinical/ Diagnostic & Research laboratories of Pakistan & US (particularly as Microbiologist & Serologist) also served as Chairperson & Professor, Dean faculty of Science & Research. Educational certifications and qualifications in Medical Laboratory Technology, Microbiology, Biosafety and SOTL in Microbiology. Ability to write successful Grant proposals & management of Funded projects is a plus. Knowledge of Medical terminologies, and understanding of WHMIS& Lean six Sigma Proficient in Microsoft applications (MS Word, Excel, Power point, e-mail, and Internet applications) Proven commitment to high academic and organizational standards/ exemplary program quality/ implementing appropriate information; Assign, co-ordinate and review technical/ research projects; job task planning, communication & train fellow colleagues and junior staff to enhance the overall applied learning experience.  Presented research data at: Nine Amer. Soc. for Microbiol.(ASM) annual general meetings between 2003 and May, 2014. ASMs bio-defense conference in March 2012. 54th meeting of the Amer. Biol. Safety Assoc. (ABSA), October 2011 Biosafety, security and Biodefense (BSSD) Congress 2011- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1st International Conference of the Pakistan Biol. Safety Assoc. (PBSA) in 2011, Karachi, Pakistan Fourth General assembly meeting of the Third World Academy of Women Scientists (TWOWS) in 2010, Beijing, China. 25th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium in 2009, Florida-USA International general meeting at International Vaccine Research Institute (IVI)-Seoul, Korea, 2004  Received research training at: Dr. Robert Strikers Lab, Medical School, Univ. of Wisconsin (Madison), as visiting scholar in 2004 Dr Raj Karims Lab. at the Univ. of Minnesota (Duluth), as visiting professor in 2004 Dr. Omar Bagasras Lab. at South Carolina Center for Biotechnology, Claflin Univ., for genotyping and gene-sequencing of HBV and HCV to assess the prevalence and distribution of these viruses in Pakistan: also searched the homologous sequences of primate microRNAs in Lentiviruses, retroelements and human endogenous retroviruses in 2006 & then as Post doc in 2009. Successfully organized several technical workshops and seminars and received awards and honors for such work from Amer. Soc. for Microbiol. (ASM), Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP)-USA, International Vaccine Research Institute (IVI), Korea and Higher Edu. Commission (HEC), Pakistan.

 Publications in Journals
1. Sayyada Ghufrana Nadeem, Amna Shafiq, Yasmeen Anjum, Shahana Urooj Kazmi "Effect of Growth Media, pH and Temperature on Yeast to Hyphal Transition in Candida albicans" (September, 2013) Open Journal of Medical Microbiology Vol:3 pp:185-192 (Journal)
2. Shazia Tabassum Hakim, Syed Muhammad Humair Tayyab, Amna Shafiq and Sayyada Ghufrana Nadeem "Reuses of syringes: a social crime related to health care waste management" (March, 2012) African Journal of Microbiology Research Vol:Vol. 6(10) pp:2272-2276 (Journal)
3. S. G. Nadeem, S. M. H. Tayyab, and S.U. Kazmi "Knowledge and awareness of proper waste disposal and routine biosafety measures among health care workers (HCWs) in Karachi, Pakistan. " (December, 2012) Journal of Applied Biosafety Vol:17(4) pp: 208-212 (Journal)
4. Shaista Malik, Qudsia Hussaina, Sayyada Konwal Zehra Zaidi, Sayyada Ghufrana Nadeem "Strategy to Diagnose Dengue Virus Infection in Local Settings: An Experience" (August,2013) Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Vol:Volume 13-E Issue 1 Version 1.0. pp:17-23 (Journal)
5. S.T.Hakim, F. Afaque, S. Javed, S. U. Kazmi and S. G. Nadeem "Microbial Agents Responsible for Diarrheal Infections in Flood Victims: A Study from Karachi, Pakistan" (2014) Open Journal of Medical Microbiology Vol: 4 pp: 106-114 (Journal)
6. Urooj Javed and Sayyada Ghufrana Nadeem "Cell wall mannoproteins isolation from C.albicans by induction & simple lysis method: a rapid and reliable method of diagnosis" (2013) American Journal of Research Communication Vol:Volume 8-E Issue August pp:- (Journal)
7. S. T. Hakim, S.M.Humair Tayyab, S.U.Qasmi, S.G.Nadeem "An Experience with Dengue in Pakistan: An Expanding Problem" (2011) Ibnosina Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Vol:3(1) pp:143 -148 (Journal)
8. Sayyada Ghufrana Nadeem & Shahana Urooj Kazmi "Use of CHROMagar Candida for the presumptive identification of Candida species directly from clinical specimens in resource-limited settings" (2010) Libyan Journal of Medicine Vol:5 pp:first on line- (Journal)
9. Shazia Tabassum Hakim, Samina Noorali, Meaghen Ashby, Anisah Bagasra, Shahana U. Kazmi , Omar Bagasra "Seroprevalence of Co-infection of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Genotypes among Adult Female Population of Karachi, Pakistan" (2010) British Journal of Medical Practitioners Vol:3(3): a335 pp:- (Journal)
10. S.G. Nadeem , S.A. Qasmi , F. Afaque, M. Saleem and S.T. Hakim "Comparison of the in vitro susceptibility of Clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a local hospital setting in Karachi, Pakistan" (2009) 4 Vol:2 pp:35-39 (Journal)
11. 2. Hakim S. T., S.G. Nadeem and S. U. Kazmi "Comparative Evaluation of Four Hepatitis B vaccines Available in Karachi, Pakistan: Reactogenicity and Immunogenicity" (2009) British Journal of Medical Practitioners Vol:2(2) pp:30-35 (Journal)
12. 3. Noorali S., S.T. Hakim., D. McLean., S.U. Kazmi., and O. Bagasra "Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus Genotype D in Females in Karachi, Pakistan" (2008) Jr. inf. Dis. Dev. Count Vol:2(5) pp:373-378 (Journal)
13. 4. Hakim S. T., S. U. Kazmi and O Bagasra ". Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B And C Genotypes Among Young Apparently Healthy Females Of Karachi-Pakistan" (2008) Lybian Journal of Medicine Vol:3(2) pp:66-70 (Journal)
14. 5. Hakim S.T., M. Al sayari, A. K. Chaitanya, D. G. McLean, and O Bagasra "A large number of the primate microRNAs target lentiviruses, retroelements and endogenous retroviruses" (2007) J Biochem Biophy Res Comm Vol:369 (2008) pp:357-362 (Journal)
15. 3. Hakim S. T. , S. Arshed, M. Iqbal and S. G. Javaid "Vancomycin Sensitivity Of Staphylococcus aureus Isolates From Hospital Patients In Karachi, Pakistan" (2007) Lybian Journal of Medicine Vol:2(4) pp:176-179 (Journal)
16. 7. Iqbal M, Hakim S.T., Hussain A "Ofloxacin: An evaluation of the antibacterial effectiveness of 34 trade brands representing 31 manufacturers available in the local market in Pakistan" (2004) Pak J Med Sci Vol:20(4) pp:349-356 (Journal)
17. 14. Hakim S.T., Jehan S, Shahab S & Fatima S ". Evaluation of the efficacy of xylose- lysine tergitol (XLT4) agar for the isolation of Salmonella species and its comparison with xylose – lysine deoxycholate (XLD) agar & salmonella shigella (SS) agar" (2002) Pakistan Journal of Pathology Vol:13(2) pp:26-29 (Journal)

 Other Publications
1. 4. Saeed F., A. Nayyar, and S. G. Nadeem "Cell Phones: Carrier for microbes in Womens university. " (2012) RADS Jr Biol. Res. & App. Sci. Vol:3(2) pp:11-16 (Journal)
2. 3. Malik S, U. Javed, S. G. Nadeem, and A. B. Khan. "The global polio eradication initiatives: from past to present. " (2012) RADS Jr Biol. Res. & App. Sci. Vol:3(2) pp:28-36 (Journal)
3. 13. Hakim S.T. & Arshad S "Evaluation of hemoglobin percentage , cell morphology and Rubella antibody titer : correlation with health status in young females in Karachi" (2002) Pakistan Journal of Microbiology Vol:2(1) pp:37-41 (Journal)

Post-Graduate Supervision
Type Role  No. of Students Supervised & Awarded Degrees  No. of Students In Progress
HEC Funded Non-HEC Funded
MS/Mphil Supervisor 06 00 04
MS/MPhil Co-Supervisor 06 00 06
MS/MPhil Supervisor 04 04

Students Supervised
Name of student
Year of graduation
Shista Malik MS To Establish Methodology To Diagnose Dengue Virus Infection Using Immunofluorescent Technique In Local Settings
Fasiha Saeed MS Growth Kinetics of Candida species with Reference to Synergism
Naheed afshn MS Surveillance of HTLV-l/ll and their dominant genotypes among healthy blood donors in Karachi, Pakistan
Farkhanda Afaque MS Sero prevalence of Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) Infection and Other Associated Liver Disease in Low Socio Economic Communities of Karachi, Pakistan

 Research Grants/Projects
1. "Anti-viral Effects of Betulin and its Structural Analogs Against Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus: a Surrogate Model For Hepatitis C Virus"  (4000 US Dollars)  By: ASM-UNESCO  (Jan2006-Dec2006)  Dr. Shazia Tabassum Hakim  Dr. Omar Bagasra 
2. "Ofloxacin: An evaluation of the antibacterial effectiveness of 34 trade brands representing 31 manufacturers available in the local market in Pakistan"  (10,000 PKR)  By: Network Consumer Marketing, Islamabad  (Jan2003-Dec2003)  Dr. Shazia Tabassum Hakim  Dr. Essa M. Abdulla 
3. "Evaluation of the efficacy of xylose- lysine tergitol (XLT4) agar for the isolation of Salmonella species and its comparison with xylose – lysine deoxycholate (XLD) agar & salmonella shigella (SS) agar"  (Chemicals worth rupees 75,000/-PKR)  By: Merck, Germany  (Jan2002-June2002)  Dr. Shazia Tabassum Hakim   
4. "Training Workshop on Proper Waste Disposal From Hospitals and Pathological Laboratories"  ()  By: Bio safety Engagement Program  (Jan'2011-April' 2011)  Dr. Shazia Tabassum Hakim  Ms. Sayyada Ghufrana Nadeem 
5. "Frequency of Hepatitis A and E Virus infection, and other water borne infections among flood victims in Pakistan"  (2,45,000/= PKR)  By: Pakistan Medical research Council  (02/03/2012-02/09/2012)  Shazia Tabassum Hakim  Sayyada ghufrana Nadeem 

1. Conference on "4th International Biennial conference of Pakistan Society for Microbiology(PSM"  Peshawar (6/24/2002-6/28/2002)  [Local] 
2. Conference on "1st International Conference of Infectious Diseases Society(IDSP"  Karachi (3/28/2003-3/30/2003)  [Local] 
3. Conference on "104th General meeting of American Society for Microbiology (ASM)"  New Orleans, USA (5/23/2004-5/27/2004)  [Foreign] 
4. Seminar on "2004 KOSEF-JSPS Asian Science Seminar/ Workshop."  Seoul, Korea (10/24/2004-10/27/2004)  [Foreign] 
5. Conference on "5th International Biennial conference of Pakistan society For Microbiology (PSM)"  Karachi (1/10/2005-1/15/2005)  [Local] 
6. Conference on "105th General meeting of American Society for Microbiology (ASM)"  Atlanta, USA (6/5/2005-6/10/2005)  [Foreign] 
7. Conference on "108th General meeting of American Society for Microbiology (ASM)"  Boston, USA (6/1/2008-6/5/2008)  [Foreign] 
8. Seminar on "first I.I.D.R.L. Symposium of Microbiology"  Karachi (2/8/1994-2/10/1994)  [Local] 
9. Conference on "107th General meeting of American Society for Microbiology (ASM)"  Toronto, Canada (5/20/2007-5/25/2007)  [Foreign] 
10. Conference on "ICAAID2008"  Almaty, Kazakastan (3/26/2008-3/30/2008)  [Foreign] 
11. Conference on "ICCAC/IDSA joint meeting of American Society for Microbiology (ASM)"  Chicago, USA (10/25/2008-10/28/2008)  [Foreign] 
12. Conference on "25th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium and Annual Meeting of Pan American Society for Clinical Virology (PASCV)"  Tampa, Florida, USA (4/19/2009-4/22/2009)  [Foreign] 
13. Conference on "110th General meeting of American Society for Microbiology (ASM)"  San Diago, USA (5/23/2010-5/27/2010)  [Foreign] 
14. Seminar on "26th annual conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologist (PAP)"  Rawalpindi, Pakistan (12/13/2002-12/15/2002)  [Local] 
15. Seminar on "26th annual conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologist (PAP)"  Rawalpindi, Pakistan (12/13/2002-12/15/2002)  [Local] 
16. Seminar on "4th International Congress of Pakistan Society for Hepatology (PSH)"  Karachi, Pakistan (9/23/2004-9/24/2004)  [Local] 
17. Seminar on "National Workshop on Hepatitis C"  Kohat, Pakistan (3/6/2008-3/7/2008)  [Local] 
18. Conference on "TWOWS Fourth General Assembly and International Conference"  Beijing, China (6/27/2010-6/30/2010)  [Foreign] 
19. Workshop on " ASMSiR 2006 SOTL workshop (Scholarship of teaching & learning)"  Washington, USA (7/1/2006-7/1/2007)  [Foreign] 
20. Seminar on "Biosafety and Biosecurity Initiatives"  Islamabad, Pakistan (6/16/2007-6/18/2007)  [Local] 
21. Conference on "103rd General meeting of American Society for Microbiology(ASM)"  Washington, USA (5/18/2003-5/22/2003)  [Foreign] 
22. Conference on "109th General meeting of American Society for Microbiology (ASM)"  Philadelphia, USA (5/17/2009-5/22/2009)  [Foreign] 
23. Conference on "2nd International Biennial conference of Pakistan society for Microbiology(PSM)"  Bhurban, Pakistan (9/24/1997-9/26/1997)  [Local] 
24. Seminar on "Dow Medical College Golden Jubilee Symposium"  Karachi, Pakistan (1/1/1997-1/1/1997)  [Local] 
25. Seminar on "Second national symposium of Biochemistry"  Karachi, Pakistan (7/26/1994-7/28/1994)  [Local] 
26. Seminar on "Poverty alleviation seminar"  Karachi, Pakistan (7/3/2002-7/4/2002)  [Local] 
27. Seminar on "Second international symposium on Tropical and Infectious diseases"  Rawalpindi, Pakistan (3/27/1998-3/28/1998)  [Local] 
28. Seminar on "Poverty alleviation campaign to create an Island of Prosperity"  Karachi, Pakistan (7/17/2002-7/17/2002)  [Local] 
29. Seminar on "27th Annual conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologists (PAP)"  Jamshoro, Pakistan (12/28/2003-12/30/2003)  [Local] 
30. Conference on "6th International Biennial conference of Pakistan society For Microbiology (PSM)"  Islamabad, Pakistan (3/18/2007-3/21/2007)  [Local] 
31. Workshop on "Biosafety and Biosecurity"  Bankok, Thailand (6/23/2008-6/28/2008)  [Foreign] 
32. Conference on "Biosafety, Biosecurity and Biodefence Congress 2011"  KualaLumpur, Malaysia (7/18/2011-7/20/2011)  [Foreign] 
33. Conference on "First Internation Conference of Pakitan Biological safety association"  Karachi (11/18/2011-11/19/2011)  [Local] 
34. Conference on "113th Annual General Meeting of American Society for Microbiology"  Denver, Colorado, USA (5/17/2013-5/22/2013)  [Foreign] 
35. Conference on "American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators"  Denver, Colorado, USA (5/14/2013-5/18/2013)  [Foreign] 
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