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Personal Information
Name: Rafiq Ahma
Discipline: Biological Sciences Institution: University of Karachi
Gender: Male Department: Botany
Specialization: Plant Physiology Present Position: Professor
Address: Biosaline Res. Laboratory Department of Botany, University of Karachi, Karachi-75270, Pakistan. City: Karachi
Email: / Phone: 021-39261359
Fax: CNIC:

Education History
Field of Study
PhD Botany-Plant physiology Ohio Statae University, USA

 Professional Experience
Institution/ Organization
Position / Job Title
Department of Botany University of karachi Professor

Research Interests
  Salinity tolerance in plants. Mineral nutrition of plants and Biosaline Agriculture,

 Publications in Journals
1. Rafat Saeed and Rafiq Ahmad "Vegetative growth and yield of tomato as affected by the application of organic mulch and gypsum under saline rhizosphere" (2009) . Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol:41 pp:3093-3105 (Journal)
2. Mohammad Azeem and Naeem Ahmad "Productivity of ginger (Zingiber officinale) by amendment of vermicompost and biogass slurry in saline soils." (2009) Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol:41 pp:3107-3116 (Journal)
3. Rizwana Jabeen "Alleviation of the adverse effects of salt stress by foliar application of sodium antagonistic essential minerals on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum). " (2009) Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol:41 pp:2199-2208 (Journal)
4. Nusrat Jabeen "Demonstration of growth improvement in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) by the use of organic fertilizers under saline conditions" (2009) Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol:41 pp:1373-1384 (Journal)
5. Chakrabarti, M.H "Investigating possibility of using least desirable edible oil of Eruca sativa L., in biodiesel production. " (2009) Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol:41 pp: 481-487 (Journal)
6. Rafiq Ahmad and Chakrabarti, M.H "Transesterification studies on castor oil as a first step towards its use in biodiesel production" (2008) Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol: 40 pp:1153-1157 (Journal)
7. Gul, H. and R. Ahmad ". . Effect of different sowing dates on the vegetative and reproductive growth of canola (Brassica napus L.) cultivars under different salinity levels.:" (2007) Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol:39 pp:1161-1172. (Journal)
8. Gul, H. and R. Ahmad. ". Effect of salinity on pollen viability of different canola (Brassica napus L.) cultivars as reflected by the formulation of fruits and seed." (2006) Pakistan Journal of Botany Vol:38 pp:237-247 (Journal)
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12. Gul, H. and R. Ahmad. ". Effects of nitrogen fertilizers on growth of Conla (Brassica napus L.) under saline water irrigation." (2003) Pak. J. Bot. Vol:35 pp:895-910. (Journal)
13. Ahmad, R., S.H. Zaheer and S. Ismail. " Role of silicon in salt tolerance of wheat (Triticum aestivum)." (1992) Plant Science Vol:85 pp:43-50 (Journal)
14. Bradbury, M. and R. Ahmad. " The effect of silicon on the growth of Prosopis juliflora growing in saline soils." (1990.) Plant and Soil Vol:125 pp: 71-74. (Journal)
15. Abdullah, Z. and R. Ahmad. " Effect on pre and post kinetin treatments on salt tolerance of different potato cultivars growing on saline soils." (1990.) J. Agron Crop Sci., Vol:165 pp:94-102. (Journal)
16. Azim, A., H.A. Sheikh and R. Ahmad. ". Effect of feeding greened potatoes on different visceral organ and blood plasma of rabbits." (1982) J. Sci. Food Agric Vol:33 pp:1275-1279 (Journal)
17. Abdullah, Z. and R. Ahmad. " . Growth regulators induced changes in the chemical composition of potato plants" (1981) Agron. J. Crop. Sci Vol:150 pp:417-422 (Journal)
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23. " Absorption and distribution of radioactive phosphorus and calcium in been plant. -" (1963) Annals of Botany Vol: 27: pp:513-515 (Journal)
24. Abdullah, Z. and R. Ahmad. "Acidity induced changes in the growth and chemical composition of potato. " ( 1983) Biol. Plant., Vol:15 pp: 1-6. (Journal)

 Conference Publications
1. A. San Pietro. "Prospects for Biosaline Research. Proceeding US-Pakistan Biosaline Research Workshop, Department of Botany, University of Karachi." (1986) Vol: pp:- (Conference Publications)

1. Rafiq Ahmad and K.ausar A. Malik. "Prospects for Saline Agriculture. Task for Vegetation Science-37., Kulwer Academic Pub." (2002. ) Vol: pp:- (Book)
2. Marcar, N.E., S. Ismail, A.K.M.A. Hossain and R. Ahmad. " Trees, shrubs and grasses for saltland: An annoted bibliography, " (1990.) Book Vol:ACIAR Monograph pp: 56-316 pp (Book)

 Other Publications
1. A. San Pietro. "Prospects for Biosaline Research. Proceeding US-Pakistan Biosaline Research Workshop, Department of Botany, University of Karachi." (1986) Vol: pp:- (Conference Publications)

Post-Graduate Supervision
Type Role  No. of Students Supervised & Awarded Degrees  No. of Students In Progress
HEC Funded Non-HEC Funded
PhD Supervisor 6 1 4
MS/MPhil Supervisor 4 0 2

Students Supervised
Name of student
Year of graduation
Zaib-un-Nisa Abdullah PhD Physiology and biochemistry of plants under saline environment
Dr. Khan PhD Phytosociological survey of Pakistan coast with special reference to pasture and forest development through Biosaline techniques
Ali Zafar Jafri PhD Physiology of salt tolerance in Cotton.
Tarana Shaheen MPhil Effect of irrigation water of different salinity regimes on growth and development of Millet cultivars.
Durre Habib Roomi MPhil Effect of salt stress on Rhizobium population and nodulation of some leguminous plants.
Shazia Hussain MPhil Salt tolerance in Peanuts
Muhammad Mohiuddin MPhil Studies on tree physiology under saline condition
Shoib Ismail PhD Physiology of salt tolerance in some fodder plants.
Humaira Gul PhD Salt tolerance in Canola with special reference to its reproductive physiology under saline conditions.
Rizwana Jabeen PhD Foliar Application of Sodium antagonistic Minerals to improve salt tolerance in some vegetables and cotton.

 Research Grants/Projects
1. "Trees for Salt Affected Soils. ACIAR Project 9316"  ()  By: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research & Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Pakistan  (1994-2000)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
2. "1. Screening of Mesquites for Grazable Biomass and FuelwoodProduction at Sandy Areas using Highly Saline Water for Irrigation."  ()  By: BOSTID - PARC Research Programme  (1992-1994)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
3. "Role of silicon in salt tolerance."  ()  By: Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission  (1983-1987)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
4. "Saline Agriculture and Afforestation Research Project."  ()  By: PakistanAgricultural Research Council  (1981-1986)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
5. "Effect of environment on growth and synthesis of glycoalkaloidsin potato tubers and their feeding experiments on animals."  ()  By: Project of PARC and USDA.  (1976-1983)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
6. "13. Physiological studies on foliar application of sodium antagonisticessential mineral elements to induce salt tolerance in plants"  (20,00000)  By: PAS/HEC  (2007-2009)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
7. "12. Silicon - Salinity Interaction for Growing Cotton under SalineConditions."  ()  By: Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Pakistan  (1998-2000)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
8. "Forage/Fuel Production at Sandy Deserts using Highly SalineWater for Irrigation.,"  ()  By: National Science Research Board Islamabad  (1991-1993)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
9. "Forage Shrub Production from Saline and/or Sodic Soils in Pakistan. ACIAR Project 8619"  ()  By: Western Australia, (Coordinator ADAPT Programme).  (1990-1992)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   
10. "Irrigation System Management . Biotic and Chemical Reclamation on Saline Soils.. "  ()  By: University of Karachi - PARC. and University of Idaho, USA.  (1988-1990)  Dr. Rafiq Ahmad   

1. Conference on "Participated in TWAS 20th General Meeting . "  Durban, South Africa. (1/1/2009-1/1/2009)  [Foreign] 
2. Conference on "TWAS 18th General Meeting, "  Trieste, Italy  (1/11/2007-1/11/2007)  [Foreign] 
3. Seminar on "TWAS 9th General Conference, Anniversary."  Beijing, China. (1/10/2002-3/10/2002)  [Foreign] 
4. Seminar on "12th conference of Islamic Academy"  Islamabad (1/10/2002-1/10/2002)  [Local] 
5. Seminar on "Desert Technology VI International Conference. Organized by Chinese Academy of Sciences,"  Urumqi, Xinjiang. China. (1/9/2001-1/9/2001)  [Foreign] 
6. Seminar on "International Seminar on Biosaline Agriculture. Organized by International Center of Biosaline Agriculture,"  Dubai, UAE. (1/3/2001-3/3/2001)  [Foreign] 
7. Seminar on "TWAS 19th General Meeting and 25th Anniversary. "  Mexico. (1/1/2008-1/1/2008)  [Foreign] 
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